This Start-up Revolutionized Drug Discovery.


Our relationship with biotechnology giant Genentech, led us to develop the brand for a historic San Francisco Bay Area success story. The technology behind the $50 million XenoMouse.


The CEO understood the rewards of building brand value and demanded a marketing environment that projected the image of a leader. All touchpoints were to be considered integral to the overarching market presence. Our agency was hired as the brand steward on day one—work that would help attract capital, recruit talented scientists, and form strategic partnerships.


We went on to develop the brand as it evolved from seed, to IPO, to growth stage. Our stewardship included messaging to drive all marketing content, logo design, website, sales and marketing literature, campus signage, and three award-winning annual reports. In just ten years, Amgen acquired the company for $2.2 billion. That’s how to build brand value.

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