This Is College Redefined

Berkeley City College Admission Enrollment

The perception of community college has changed. In many cases, it’s now a student’s first choice as an alternative to attending a four-year institution and incurring massive debt. It’s also for anyone on a fast track to join the workforce.


Berkeley City College’s Career Education Program prepares students at diverse life stages with the practical skills necessary to thrive in their career. It’s a superior program created for focused students. 

To introduce this precise market position, a nontraditional approach was required to expand the dialogue between the college and prospective students. A bold, new conversation was required to position the benefits of attending community college.


We developed a brand communications strategy grounded in Berkeley City College’s culture and values. The result was a clearly defined brand purpose and a value proposition that addressed segmented audience care-abouts. 

Strategic messaging was conceived. Design completed. And seamless brand management tools memorialized to ensure the college’s internal staff could keep the story on brand following our involvement. Marketing tactics included a viewbook, social media, and print and online advertising.