Creative • Jan 08, 2021

Freelance Designers

Win Creative Awards In The Comfort Of Your Pajamas

Our creative agency needs talented freelance designers. Really talented designers. People who can step in right now. If you exist to create award-winning work, call us today. And since we’re all dealing with COVID restrictions you can work from home—no need to come to our office.

Skills Include

You must have a wide range of design expertise: annual reports, brand identity, digital marketing, and website design. Be detail oriented. Fast. And able to meet deadlines without us looking over your shoulder. Did we mention you must be really, really, good?


Be pleasant. Organized. Able to take constructive criticism. And follow directions.

We prefer people who have worked in design studios and top creative agency environments.

Email an introduction, resume, and portfolio to Dan O'Brien at and then call him at 650.575.8977. Replies will be sent to qualified candidates who follow directions.